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Khush Raho Pakistan Helpline Number 03424281186

As we all know the Khush Raho Pakistan helpline number is a live game show where people participate and win prizes of hundreds and thousands of rupees. People are always willing to join this game show kush Raho Pakistan helpline number and win prizes of thousands of rupees. At the start of the show, it was difficult as there was no official phone number or website to get an entry pass for the show but now it became very easy. You just need to make a single call and register yourself for an upcoming episode of the Khush Raho Pakistan helpline. Getting entry in Khush Raho Pakistan is really easy and quick. There are few methods with whom, you can join this game show Khush Raho Pakistan helpline and win prizes of thousands of rupees. People really enjoy and love to participate in this show and want to get entertained by the host of the show Faisal Qureshi who is one of the most iconic actors of Pakistan. He makes the audience laugh and let them participate and win prizes. He allows the people to sing a song, tell a joke, poetry, or whatever they want. They just have to entertain the audience whatever they do and they receive gifts from the advertisers of Khush Raho Pakistan.

Khush Raho Pakistan Entry 03424281186

Khush Raho Pakistan Rewards

  • Bikes
  • Motorcycles
  • Cycles
  • Household thing
  • Electronic items
  • Laptop
  • Scholarship for student
  • Cash
  • Gold ( 1 tola-3 tola-5 tola
  • tola-20 tola and also 50 tola10.Umrah package
  • Dubai return ticket
  • Plots in Bahria town
  • Diamond rings
  • Refrigerator washing machine juicer iron fans generator

Khush Raho Pakistan Helpline

Just to get an entry in Khush Raho Pakistan 2020, we are here to provide you with tickets for this show Khush Raho Pakistan helpline number. We are the official Passes providers of Khush Raho Pakistan helpline. Just make us call on our official number and tell us your name, address and we will make your entry possible in this show. You can win prizes of thousands of rupees given above. You could be the next lucky winner to get the prize. After getting an entry in this show, you need to make the audience of Khush Raho Pakistan laugh and then the host of the show, Faisal Qureshi will give you some gifts. This will only happen if you call us on the official number of Khush Raho Pakistan Karachi Number.

Khush Raho Pakistan Registration 03424281186

Registration for Jeeto Pakistan Show is really simple. You can register for the Khush Raho Pakistan helpline Show in very less time. The thing you have to do is to make a call on the official I’mof Khush Raho Pakistan Team Number and ask them for the pass. By getting this pass, you would be able to achieve participation in Khush Raho Pakistan and will be able to earn rewards of thousands of rupees. Khush Raho Pakistan allows the users to participate in the game show and win prizes. You can not only win rewards by participating in the show but also can receive rewards by random choice. Host Faisal Qureshi picks random people from the audience and gives them gifts. So you could be the next winner of Khush Raho Pakistan. Hurry up! and dial the official number of Khush Raho Pakistan helpline Show and ask them for a pass and win prizes.

In order to get an entry in the Khush Raho Pakistan Show and win prizes of thousands of rupees, you need an entry in Khush Raho Pakistan Show and for that, Khush Raho Pakistan Pass is important. In order to get the pass of the Khush Raho Pakistan Show, you need to make a call on the official phone number of this game show. You can contact the team of the show at any time on any day of the week. Please hold your phone and dial the number of Khush Raho Pakistan passes and get a chance to win prizes of thousands of rupees.

Khush Raho Pakistan Contact Number

Khush Raho Pakistan helpline number is one of the best Pakistani gameshows. Hosted by Faisal Qureshi, this show contains charm and joy which is rare in today’s gameshows. Faisal Qureshi with his immense attitude and great personality makes sure that all the audience enjoys the show, receives gifts, and feels comfortable during the whole time Khush Raho Pakistan helpline number. That’s why this show is the favorite of a huge number of people, not only in Pakistan but also worldwide. 

Khush Raho Pakistan Passes Here Now

Unlike other game shows such as Jeeto Pakistan and Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga, Khush Raho Pakistan helpline also allows the audience to participate in the show and win prizes of hundreds and thousands of rupees. In order to receive these gifts, you need to participate in this game show. You need a pass to get an entry to Khush Raho Pakistan Show. These passes are available on our official website where you can just make us call and ask for a pass.

Khush Raho Pakistan Entry

Khush Raho Pakistan’s entry is very easy. You can become a part of this game show and receive gifts from one of the finest Pakistani actors Faisal Qureshi who is the host of this game show. Khush Raho Pakistan helpline number always welcomes his audience and gives them an opportunity to participate in this game show and win rewards of thousands of rupees by just answering few questions, making the audience laugh, or just showing your talents like singing, dancing, or poetry, etc. For that, you need to get an entry in Khush Raho Pakistan helpline number GameShow by getting a pass on our official website. To get that pass, please call us on the following number. 

Khush Raho Pakistan Number 03424281186

As mentioned before, you need Khush Raho Pakistan pass to get an entry in this show and win rewards of thousands of rupees. But now the question is, how to get Khush Raho Pakistan pass? Well, the answer to this question is very simple. You can come to our office located in Karachi, or you can make a call on our official number and ask for Khush Raho Pakistan pass. |You can make a call on our official number and ask for a pass. 

Requirements & Conditions for entry in Khush Raho Pakistan

You must accomplish the following requirements to get an entry pass of Khush Raho Pakistan. 

  • You must have your CNIC card.
  • You must call us before getting an entry into the show so we can fix a seat for you.
  • You can come single or with your family.
  • If you want to join with your family then you need to ask us for a family pass for Khush Raho Pakistan.
  • Khush Raho Pakistan seats are limited, so we can extend your date to the next episode. 
  • You must have the nationality of Pakistan.
  • You can come and join any city but cannot join the show twice.

Khush Raho Pakistan Helpline

Khush Raho Pakistan card is distributed by the official team of this show at every episode hush / Rraho Pakistan helpline number. The people who want to join this amazing and brilliant Pakistani TV show are required to make a free call at Khush Raho Pakistan head office and ask their team for a pass. To get an entry to this show, this pass is very important otherwise you will not be able to come to this show. The only that you have to follow is just to make a call at the official phone number of Khush Raho Pakistan helpline and ask them for an entry pass. The helpline number is given below Khush Raho Pakistan helpline number.

Bol Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga or bol game show helpline number is one of the most popular Pakistani TV game shows. This show was started in 2017 and was hosted by Aamir Liaquat Hussain. Due to the versatile acting of Aamir Liaquat Hussain and the best communication of Game Show Aisy Chaly Ga staff, this show became popular very soon. Hundreds and thousands of people started watching this game show and therefore various advertisement companies started to advertise in this show.

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